"A great sweep across dimensions that help successful M&As - from planning frameworks, IT, risk and communicating with an excellent, diverse group of delegates. Thanks"

Senior Consultant, ABB


"Better content and interactivity than the March event"

M&A Director, SAP


"A great cross-functional event for people who have M&A in their daily business"

Senior Manager, Itility


"Very good. Format and presentations during these 2 days were excellent"

CFO, Addnode Group




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Feedback from Attendees



"This event is very efficient to pick up new knowledge as well as to build a network of professionals, engaged in the same topic"

M&A Director, MIH Group



"Good international mix of participants"

M&A, Telekom Austria



"Great Q&A. Attendees were very good to meet and discuss/share ideas"

Acquisition Integration, Emerson

2nd Merger Integration Management Forum Sept 29-30