Feedback from Attendees

"The broad spectrum of companies and industries present at the event provided different and enriching perspectives on the topic"

Merger Integration Manager, Syngenta

"Excellent forum and format. Very experienced speakers and attendees alike. Great event - pity I had not heard about it before"

Head of M&A, Anton Paar


"Not being an active player in the M&A market, I found the event very interesting for strategy and business development purposes"

CEO, Elastomer Solutions


"Interesting presentation content and practitioner discussions and insight provide real value to those active in the M&A and divestment areas"

COO, Salmon Ltd


"Interesting for sharing of experiences with likeminded"

Director of Business Development, Integration and M&A, Olympic Brewery


"Excellent event on a range of relevant integration topics from a diverse set of industry sectors - great event to learn about experiences and best practice from your peers"

Senior M&A and Integration Manager, IMI plc


"Very interesting, good speakers, atmosphere and great opportunity for networking"

Integration Senior Manager, Amadeus IT Group


"I highly appreciated this event - M&A knowledge sharing, networking opportunity"

Project Manager, Airbus

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"I really enjoyed the atmosphere of open sharing of practices, transparent and frank exchange. Well done also for balance of formal and informal networking"

HR Business Partner EAME, R&D, Syngenta


"Very good event. This has been the first time I have attended and I would like to attend it too in the future. As there have been speakers and attendees from different sort and size of companies and different experiences on M&A and integration, my impression is very satisfactory"

Integration Office Manager, Almirall


"Very practical and a real experience sharing gathering of corporate leaders. Excellent balance between seasoned practitioners, smallish groups to allow for personal touch. Ideal for real networking"

PMO Director, Medtronic


"Very good event. Got lots of new ideas to bring back to my other M&A integration functions"

IT M&A Integration Manager, Autodesk


"It was really about sharing knowledge and war stories. The diversity of speakers and participant was very good"

Head of Business Transformation and Change, Bayer


"The event was highly interesting. Great level of openness and transparency. Senior level of management attendance and speakers, with a lot of cumulated know-how and experience shared"

BD, M&A Director, Comdata


"Interesting forum. It is good to share daily facts all we work on in M&A and integrations face. Good to see other ways of integration across different industries you normally do not interact with"

Integration, Almirall

8th Merger Integration Forum, March 17-18, 2016