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    SVPs, VPs, & Heads of Strategic Alliances, Partnerships, Business Development, Ecosystems, JVs, M&A

    Thought Leader Global and The Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals are proud to co-organise our 6th European Alliance Summit. 

         Whether you have a mature corporate alliance and partnership strategy, are looking to benchmark with others in this space (to continually improve your framework and ecosystem), or are at an earlier stage of entering into new alliances and partnerships, this event provides an ideal community for you.

         Setting up an alliance management function is an important first step. One must lay the groundwork for the long-term success of both alliances and joint ventures. Often businesses that may have competed in the past must be brought together, and this requires building trust and bridging cultural barriers. Both the research and development side as well as the sales / go-to-market side need to have best-practice in place for the partnership to succeed. Often the most lucrative alliances are in new markets and in emerging market countries. There are significant cultural, HR, legal and operational risks to manage in these partnerships.

         Leadership and governance are important focus areas to cover. There is a significant transition period in the creation of an alliance, and a strong transition plan must be put into place. Both innovation and sales results are the key goals of new partnerships. However, companies must encourage a joined workforce to bring about the performance. Trust and cooperation must be embedded to demonstrate this joined workforce. Performance and governance must be adequately implemented and monitored, so that goals are met and value is created.

         Attend this forum to benchmark how other organisations are managing their alliance strategies; hear their perspectives - both success stories and lessons learned.  Utilise this event to learn from their experiences, compare solutions and take away actual strategies that you can use to drive transformation in your group.

    Veritas  Increasing the Speed of Launching Alliances & Getting Results
    GSK & Immunocore 
    Bi-Lateral Strategic Alliance Case Study
      Raising the Profile of Alliances in your Organisation & Demonstrating the Value to Management
    Belgian Road Research Centre 
    Developing Alliance Management Capabilities within a Research & SME Environment
    AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly and Company, and Merck 
    Managing 3 Types of Risk in an Alliance (Business, Legal, and Human) During the Critical Start-Up Phase of an Alliance
    Deutsche Telekom What Happens to Successful Alliances that Gets Stuck in Between the Hurricanes of Trade War
    UCB and Sanofi 
    Using AM Best Practice to Drive Value in a Bilateral R&D Alliance
    Dassault Syst
    èmes Ecosystems for Emerging Technologies
    Strategic Alliances and a Successful Ecosystem in the IoT 
    Must-Have Tools and KPIs to Managing your Alliances
    DNB Bank 
    Building a Digital Partnership Ecosystem in a Non-Tech Segment
    Schneider Electric 
    Monetize, Scale, Accelerate of Two Major Alliances, an Easy Journey?
    Digital Ecosystems: Using Platforms to Bring your Partnerships to the Next Level
    Alliance Management within Divestments
    Pierre Fabre 
    Centralised versus Decentralised Alliance Models
    Skolkovo Foundation
    Open Innovation and High Tech Ecosystems
    Hewlett Packard Enterprise 
    Relaunching an Unproductive Alliance and Turning It Around
    Hewlett Packard Enterprise 
    Optimal Alliance Program Design and Features Across the Organization
    Circle of Trust: Enrolling Customers and Empowering Partners to Boost Revenue and Profitability in Value Creation
    Johnson & Johnson 
    Leadership and Skills in Managing an Alliance in a Matrix Organisation
    Innovative Alliances Product Co-Design and Strategy Design in Beauty Categories
    Fintech Partnership Models:  Technology and Innovation
    Mondragon University
    A Methodology for Designing and Implementing Smart Alliances
    Unilever  Partner to Win: Delivering the Innovation Strategy through Agile Alliances
    Signify Converting Alliances to Revenue
    SAP  The Open Industry 4.0 Alliance: An Innovative Multi-Lateral Alliance of Equals to Deliver Value & Digitisation to Factories, Plants and Warehouses
    Philips  Resonating Public Private Partnerships
    Teva  Brand Lifecycle Management through Strategic Alliances

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    Summary Video from our 2018 European Alliance Summit:


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     Bi-Lateral Strategic Alliance Case Study

    Ecosystems for New Technologies:  Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Blockchain, etc.

    Big Pharma Ecosystems: Large Scale Partnership Strategies in Lifesciences

    Implementing Blockchain in your Partnership Relations, Data and Transactions

    Partnership Portfolio in Pharma Research

    Winning the War for Alliances:  Beating the Competition for the Key Partnerships

    Transition out of Alliance Partnerships: Learn from Alliance Failures & Challenges

    Increasing the Speed of Alliances (both Research and Commercial Alliances)

    Creating a New Ecosystem & Using Digital Platforms to Enter a New Market

    IBM  Digital Ecosystems: Using Digital Platforms to Bring Partnerships Further

    Almirall  Must-Have Tools and KPIs to Managing your Alliances

    Develop Mutually Incentivizing Contracts that Make All Parties Deliver & ‘Live the Partnership’

    ABB  Building a Digital Partnership Ecosystem in a Non-Tech Segment 

    Case Study on Creating Ecosystems and Alliances

    Alliances Between IT Industry and with Leading non-IT Ecosystems

    Relaunching an Unproductive Alliance and Turning it Around

    VU  Ecosystem Management vs Alliance Management: What's the Difference?

    GSK  The Alliance Management Lifecycle and Building AM Skills

    Managing More Alliances with Less Alliance Managers

    Johnson & Johnson  Centers of Excellence for Strategic Alliance Relationships

    Wonderkind  Partnerships with Startups   /  Managing Channel Partnerships

    Swarovski  Open Innovation Networks Learnings

    Accelerating Alliance Performance with Successful Sales/Marketing Coordination

    Biotech Case Study: Pioneering Alliances in Biotechnology Ventures

    Raising the Profile of Alliances in your Organisation

    Features of Mature and Best-in-Class Alliance Management Functions

    Siemens  A Blueprint for Corporations Wanting to Set up a New Alliance Function

    AstraZeneca  Going Global:  Scaling Alliance Partnerships to Expand to Different Regions

    Evolving Your AM Team as Corporate Priorities and the Portfolio Changes

    Teva  Cross Value Chain Alliances in Healthcare and the Role of Technology

    Build a Community of Alliance Ambassadors

    Joint Ventures: Generating Value, Ensuring Governance and Alignment

    Sandoz  Leadership and Skills in Managing an Alliance in a Matrix Organisation

    Implementation of Delegated Alliance Management

    Addressing Cultural Challenges in Forming Alliances