Executives and Heads of GRC, Audit, Compliance, Corporate Risk

     Internal Audit, Corporate Risk and Compliance have reached a critical time for their roles and perceptions by management.  Leading organisations have started to implement detailed GRC frameworks and both internal and external GRC tools. This event explores how companies have successfully managed these GRC implementations.     
     First, audit must further perform audits on the actual strategy of the enterprise. To aide in this process, audit must measure the effectiveness of its own audits; then use better outcome-based metrics and data to demonstrate value. It must also bring IT audit and operational audit closer together.   
    Strengthening Enterprise Risk Oversight has recently gained significant attention. Companies must review the COSO framework and recent guidance on ERM, then re-examine its risk philosophy, risk appetite and formulate a company-wide definition of risk management and tolerance levels. To support this, corporate risk and audit must each understand their roles to support the compliance process: deploying the necessary controls and technology while adhering to the appropriate policies, procedures & regulations.
    Compliance holds the key to providing the organization a strong ethics department, managing regulatory requirements and training programmes.
    Therefore it is necessary for compliance, risk and audit directors to benchmark with each other in order to understand the interrelations and convergence of GRC. This unique event features numerous thought leaders who are currently leading innovation in their corporate environments. Utilise this event to learn from their experiences, compare solutions and take away concrete strategies that you can use to drive transformation in your enterprise


Redevco  Develop, Build and Implement a Company-Wide GRC Framework
Setting Up a Compliance Function as Part of GRC
GRC RoadMap
MAN Truck & Bus 
Risk Based Decision-Making for Top Management and Scenario Based Simulated Risk Analysis for Complex Risks
Smith & Nephew 
Cooperation between Internal Audit and Compliance and Risk
How Internal Audit Should Play a Leadership Role in GRC
Managing Regulatory Governance: Ensuring Oversight
Novo Nordisk 
Why Should We Articulate Risk Appetite?
Cargolux Airlines 
Being GDPR Compliant with Full Cooperation of the Business Units
  Measures to Improve Cyber Security Governance and Oversight
Masthaven Bank 
Executing Challenge and Oversight in ERM
Raising the Profile of Opportunity Management
Zurich Insurance Group 
Leveraging Data Science to Predict Where Error, Fraud and other Exceptions will Happen
Swiss Re 
Data Analytics and Dashboards: Tools for Top Management
The 3.0 Auditor: a DIVA? (Digital- Innovative - Virtual - Agile)
Hensoldt Holding 
Avoiding Black Swans via Business Wargaming
Implement a Risk and Control Self Assessment Program (RCSA) to Empower the 1st Line of Defense
Societe Generale
Auditing in Light of Robots, Automation and Big Data
KBC Group 
Risk Culture: the Next Plate on the GRC Table?
Linde AG 
Antitrust Compliance – an inhouse perspective



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Citi  Assessing GRC from an Integrated Perspective 

Case Study on Implementing a GRC System at KBC Group

Novo Nordisk  Business Performance Enhancement through GRC and Effective Risk Management

Novartis  How Should We Be Fine-Tuning our GRC Policy, Procedures and Technical Implementation in the Light of the Impending General Data Protection Regulation in 2018?

Sahara Group  Taking your Global Risk and Compliance System from Reaction to Prediction

CGIAR Consortium  Successful Cooperation between Internal Audit and Compliance and Risk

Shell  Managing GRC during M&A Integration

Bayer  Having a Single Stream of Compliance with Consistency Across the Organisation

Skandia  Embed Risk Management and Control into Business Processes and Decision-Making at all Levels of the Organisation

Airbus Defence Redesigning GRC Entirely After a Divestment 

APM Terminals Our ERM Process and Challenges of Being in a Volatile Industry

Swedish Transport Administration  Integrated Risk Management - A Modern Risk Framework for Governance

SES  Goals, Rewards and Challenges in Implementing a GRC System in a SAP Environment

Audemars Piguet  Make GRC a Topic for all Levels and Take it Out of the Silo

adidas Group  Going Beyond “Check the box Compliance” and Reflecting the Reality in your Organisation

Zurich Insurnce  My Business is Trust: Relationship to Leadership and Behavior in GRC