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    "This unique event will illuminate the best practices for utilising IT strategy, transformation and governance to achieve business goals. Delegates will learn how to strategically align IT and business targets, build an IT business case and establish a system of effective IT financial mangement"

    "Cost reduction, energy efficiency and consumerisation of IT and optimisation of innovative infrastructures are currently the biggest challenges for IT departments."

    "Attend this event to benchmark how other IT directors are implementing strategies of relevance to you. Delegates will depart this forum with the knowledge of how to use project and portfolio management to optimise governance practices and harness enterprise architecture as a tool."

    "Whether your are looking to be a more efficient organisation or undergoing M&A or a business transformation, utilise this event to learn from the speakers, compare solutions and take away strategies that you can use to drive IT transformation in your enterprise"

         Successful Indirect tax management has the potential to significantly reduce costs and inefficiencies, having a substantial bottom-line impact.  The difficult regulatory environment and business environment has led to the goal for multinationals to transform their billing, purchasing, customs and VAT compliance processes. Standardisation, automation and efficiency are the new objectives.
         Companies are beginning to construct tax control frameworks in order to demonstrate quality self-assessments to tax authorities, and indirect tax plays a central role in this. There are also significant customs and excise tax challenges.
         There are many different strategies to choose from to determine the correct compliance management business model for your enterprise. Whether to centralise or decentralise, use a tax control framework, and how to apply lessons learned is of critical importance. Tax technology and automation holds a vital role in this process, and it is important to correctly fit technology with your compliance and reporting processes. Centralisation and technology trends are also driving companies towards adopting VAT compliance programmes.  In addition, major changes to indirect tax regimes Asia countries such as India, China and Malaysia are having a major impact on global business.
         Utilise this eleventh edition leading event to benchmark how leading multinationals are implementing new indirect tax initiatives in their operations. Hear their perspectives on VAT risk, compliance and VAT automation, in an informal interactive environment. Attend this event to learn from their experiences, compare approaches and take away concrete strategies that you can use to improve indirect tax strategy in your enterprise.


    S&P Global  VAT Treatment of New Business Models and Innovations
    Slovak Ministry of Finance 
    Update on EU/ECJ Case Law on Indirect Tax
    Coca Cola 
    Mature VAT Operations Function: Sponsorship and Implementation
    Standard Chartered Bank 
    Impact of Brexit on European VAT Strategy
    Indirect Tax Governance, Risk and Compliance
    ZF Group 
    Indirect Tax Risk and Performance Management
    OMV Group 
    Common Pitfalls in Chain Transactions
    Finnish Tax Administration 
    Voluntary Disclosure and Indirect Tax Relationships with Tax Administrations
    Air Products 
    India GST Implementation Case Study
    Impact of the Introduction of VAT in the Gulf States
    VF Europe 
    VAT Aspects of Warranty-Returns-Repairs
    How UPS has Prepared for GST Introduction in the GCC
    Dow Jones 
    Embedding VAT Awareness within Finance and the Wider Business
    Financial Shared Service Transformations 
    VAT in a Shared Service Centre: In-house SSC and Outsourcing of VAT
    Ingersoll Rand 
    VAT Treatment during Business Restructuring
    Goodyear Dunlop Tires 
    SAP VAT Automation: Ensuring Efficient VAT Compliance 
    Nobel Biocare 
    VAT and Customs Interaction with Transfer Pricing


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