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    Heads and Directors of Marketing, Brand, Communication, Digital, Social , GTM and Sales


         The nature of corporate marketing organisation and strategy continues to evolve. Marketing needs to further adapt if it is to deliver greater value. Therefore, many companies are restructuring and rebuilding their marketing departments. Embracing transformation, technology and leadership are key to succeeding in this process. There are numerous global brand developments to discover in the current environment:  marketing needs to manage brand engagement in a meaningful way to connect with customers.  From utilising social, digital and customer data to enhancing the consumer experience, marketing is required to be innovative to enhance its ROI and accountability. Social, content and digital deserve special focus as it carries major risks but also fantastic rewards for marketing (through functionality) and CRM programmes.
    A key consideration is the need to connect sales/marketing with the consumer, in order to be more effective and reach customer groups on a relationship basis. Knowing which marketing activities to centralise while catering to local markets is critical.
    Attend this fourteenth forum in our marketing series to benchmark how other corporate marketing departments are facing these challenges; hear their perspectives - both success stories and lessons learned.  Utilise this event to learn from their experiences, compare solutions and take away concrete strategies that you can use to drive strategic transformation in your enterprise. 



    Roberto Ciacci  Restructure a Marketing Department to a Digital Organisation
    GE Healthcare  Transform your Marketing Strategy from a Traditional to Personalised Content Marketing Model
    UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency)  Leveraging External and Internal Collaboration for Positive Communications
    Industrial Manufacturer  Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality as a Platform for Marketing Content and Customer Engagement
    PSA Peugeot Citroen Using Artificial Intelligence in Analyzing Data and Customer Behavior
    Novartis  Multichannel Experience Design:  Influence the HCP Journey
    Ricoh Europe  Artificial Intelligence: Advertising and Lead Generation
    HP  Content Marketing, Hunting Attention in a Distracted World
    Oracle  Implement Marketing Automation
    Medtronic  Setting up a Brand Management System 
    Ericsson  Brand Ambassadors – The Power of Proud Staff to Build your Brand 
    Western Union  Live your Brand Internally & Externally:  How HR, Marketing and Communications Combine Forces
    IBM  Getting Big Data and Applying it in your Marketing Strategy & Content
    Philips Lighting  Building a Community Around your Brand
    Amadeus IT Group  The ROI of Digital Transformation
    Nokia  Increase Sales Performance: Driving a Different Set of Metrics in Sales and Marketing
    CEVA Logistics  How Marketing Can Be Agile and Everywhere While Remaining Grounded in Reality
    IST AG  Starting up a Marketing Department in an Existing Company  - Doing it Right, The Wrong Way
    NNIP  Challenger Branding: When You Don’t Own the Brand

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    Amadeus IT Group Putting Marketing in the Driver's Seat for Digital Transformation:  Providing Your Marketing Digital Capabilities as a Profit Centre for the Organisation