Feedback from Attendees



"The organisation was super! well done!"

Business Improvement Director, GSK


"Interesting to see various execution and implementation concepts and examples and how they do or don't work in practice. Professional exchange of ideas with peers from other industries is always enjoyable and a clear win"


"Great event, regarding the event and the speakers"

CFO, Nowy Styl Group


"Great line up of speakers and attendees willing to discuss candidly challenges and opportunities in strategy execution"


"Really well executed"


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"Very interesting setting with speakers opening the box on real topics happening in their companies"

Head Business Development and M&A, Europe and Black Sea, Louis Dreyfus Commodities


"80% of the materials and sessions were very useful and thought provoking"

Project and Office Director, AIMIA



Managing Director, Advaens


"A pleasure to meet-up with so many experts within the field of Execution Management. Very rarely does one get the level of sparring and inspiration that I got at this seminar"

CEO, ActionPlanner A/S


COO, Dallara


"Excellent panel"

Hi, Just to be sure on timing:

i receied and tested:

tom cruise video 52 sec

airbus videl is 36 sec?

steve jobs is 45 sec?

Please let me know if the length is correct as the Airbus video seems short

6th Strategy Execution Forum photos Oct 2015