Feedback from Attendees


"Very insightful and well organised event"

VP Transformation, SR Technics


"Good format enforcing productive and interactive communication"

VP, Unicredit Group


"The high quality of this conference, makes it more than worthwhile, it is essential"

Engagement Director, Nets


"Personal experience of the speakers is the trademark of the event and makes it very interesting and valuable"


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#StratTLG event sponsor been MC


"Senior leaders sharing open and insightful"

Senior Manager, Program Manager, Western Union


"All seemed to work well"


"I appreciate that the large scale of topics are case study based"


"Enlightening perspectives, great diversity, eye opener at times"

SVP, Head of IT & Business Innovation, Emirates Islamic


"Running smoothly and effectively as always!"


"Lots of fresh perspectives"

7th Strategy Execution Forum April 7-8, 2016