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    Directors and Heads of Tax, Tax Operations, Transfer Pricing, Finance


        Tax directors are faced with increasingly challenging group tax issues particularly due to extensive and unpredictable regulatory changes. Overall group tax management and structuring for complex transactions entails intensive financial and compliance obstacles in the current environment.
    Tax directors must take both technical and strategic approaches to managing the corporate tax position during these transactions. Tax authorities are requiring more documentation and consistency. And with the Base Erosion Profit Shifting (BEPS) project, new guidelines, limitations and national legislation are anticipated to take affect in the coming months. As a result, companies need to take a close examination of their financial payments, tax treaty use, PEs, and their digital assets. It is imperative to strengthen tax treatment of intangible assets including patents, know-how, R&D centres and transfer of marketing intangibles. Loss utilisation, profit repatriation and M&A financing strategies are priorities for contributing to tax efficiency. In particular the opportunities and challenges are in emerging markets.
    Attend this annual forum (which contains our longest established corporate network) to benchmark how other tax directors are implementing advanced tax planning strategies around the world; hear their perspectives - both success stories and lessons learned.  Utilise this event to learn from their experiences, compare solutions and take away concrete strategies that you can use to drive strategic transformation in your enterprise.


    EU Commission  Impact of EU Commission’s State Aid Investigations
    Norwegian Tax Administration
    BEPS & Operational Excellence: Norwegian Tax Administration’s Strategic Focus on Valuation
    Operational Excellence of a Tax Function
    Tax Disputes, Enhanced Relationships and Cooperative Compliance Frameworks
    Salvatore Ferragamo
    Intangibles : Identifying the Value Added, the Functions Involved & Defensible Tax Planning
    Tax Data Reporting: Accuracy with your Master File, Local File & CbCR
    Dutch Tax Authorities 
    Dutch Aspects of Business Restructurings
    Pon Holdings 
    How to Setup TP Documentation in a Highly Diversified Group
    Transfer Pricing Controversy and Audit Risks
    Teva Pharma 
    Deferred Tax Asset (DTA) Business Case as Influencer
    Dealing with the Contradictions between TP Yearend Adjustments and Custom Duties Penalties for Filing Wrong Returns
    Integrating Tax with Social Responsibility
    Agency PE’s
    Having a Treaty Strategy in Place for your International Tax Planning
    Relations between Customs, Tariffs and Corporate Tax
    AstraZeneca  Transfer Pricing Controversy and Audit Risks
    Use of the Profit Split Method in Practice
    Update on the CCCTB
    Erste Bank Group
    Ensure Defensible Financial Payments
    Relations between Customs, Tariffs and Corporate Tax
    Pon Holdings 
    Tax Automation in support of Tax Compliance and Transfer Pricing
    Use of the Profit Split Method Based on Recent Guidance
    Erste Group Bank 
    Ensuring that your Financial Payments are Defendable
    Terex  Successful APAs for Obtaining Certainty

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    Example Presentation on "Intangibles" from Thought Leader Global's Tax Planning Strategies and Experiences Forum, November 7-8, 2013 Geneva

    Rio Tinto  Implementing CbC Reporting in Different Countries & Different Deadlines

    Lupin  Tax Data Reporting Management: Ensuring Accuracy with your Master File, Local File and CbC Reporting

    Vorwerk & Autotrade  New Transfer Pricing Documentation Requirements

    Centrica  Treaty benefits: Where are the Limits?  Beneficial Ownership and Benefit Limitations - Having a Treaty Strategy for your Tax  Planning

    Coface  Tax Function and Group Entity Structure – Choices and Challenges

    Danone  Developing a Tax Code of Conduct

    Erste Bank Group  Transfer Pricing Issues Related to Financial Services Transactions

    Scandinavian Tobacco Group Permanent Establishments and Profit Attribution

    ABB  Tax Planning for M&A and Impact of EU Parent Subsidiary Directive

    Finnish Tax Administration  Use of the Profit Split Method in Practice

    Plansee Group  Value Creation: a Supply Chain and Transfer Pricing Analysis

    Cristal How to Develop and Implement a Tax Strategy that is Not a Paper Tiger but Truly Adds Value to the Company's Vision

    Borealis  Intercompany Financing – State of the Art, Defending Everywhere and Manageable

    OMV  Value Chain Analysis 

    Panel Discussion: The OECD Multilateral Instrument (MLI)

    SABIC  Intangibles : Identifying the Value Added, the Functions Involved & Subsequent Avenues for Defensible Tax Planning

    Polish Ministry of Finance  Bilateral APAs

    Global Blue Operational Excellence of a Tax Function